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I wrote the fun read book several years ago using mostly true stories of when I was in high school in the mid 1970's. I know if you like my blog posts you will definitely like my Hot Rod Novel "Dawdling Ducks" Enjoy!

"Dawdling Ducks" is written in the spirit of the movies American Graffiti, Dazed and Confused and Super Bad. The genre is action/comedy. It’s about a group of Mid-western teens passing time “out on the town” during a cold winter’s night in 1976. Main characters, Alban and Von, along with their friends and acquaintances, pass through the 24 hours cruising Main Street in the midst of hot rods and hot women.

To lead or follow, that is the dilemma. Life is full of choices. One and all will be presented and forced to decide that night and early morning about life's choices. They will decide what is right and wrong as they drag-race their prized cars, seek the acceptance of those among them, search for love and friendship, and have to choose whether or not to prove exactly who is the toughest guy on the block. Little do the cast of characters know how the choices they make that night, no matter how small or large, will affect the remainder of their lives.

A narrative on down-home American teens dealing with trains and car crashes, friends of both sexes, and the effect of life changing decisions. Tags fiction, romance, train, life, music, conflict, girl, boy, car, work, friend, decisions, fighting, hot, police, behavior, between, fights, changing, groups, racing, crashes, obsessive, drag, wreck, cruising, rodding

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