Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Introducing Lucy the Texas 1957 Chevy

Meet "Lucy"


 Texas '57 Chevy

"Lucy" has won numerous awards in North Texas including two Best of Show Awards, several first place awards and a People's Choice award. She's also been featured in Classic Chevy World Magazine and the Dallas area Classic Chevy Heartbeat.

Benny Retamozo's love affair with his first '57 Chevy Bel Air began and ended in Feb. of 1966 when he drove from San Mateo, CA to Lima, Peru on the famous Pan American highway. After arriving in his hometown in his dream car, he met his dream girl and made her his wife. But, with a new wife and baby on the way, Benny eventually sold his '57 Chevy to help provide for his young family and their new life in the U.S. But he never forgot his first love. Now, after 45 years of searching, he found his dream car again -- another Matador Red '57 Chevy Bel Air that was lovingly restored by Raymond and Vala Langford of Howe, TX. Benny's new love, "Lucy." reminds him of those old times and wonderful memories.

"Lucy," the Texas '57 Chevy loves to meet new people! She loves to party and is available for birthdays, anniversaries, grand openings, theme parties, quinceneras, weddings or just about any event where she can show off her chrome. She also can't get enough of the paparazzi so if you need Lucy for a photo or video shoot, check with her agent. Yes, she has an agent. For more info, send us a message or email kretamozo@gmail.com.


The original '57 Chevy that drove from San Mateo, California all the way to Lima, Peru along the famous Pan American highway! Feb. 1966
Benny changing a tire somewhere in Mexico...Feb. 1966

-Completely restored: 283 4 BBL carb., dual exhaust-Painted factory original Matador Red w/ India Ivory top-Red & Silver interior
-2-speed Powerglide
-Power steering, power brakes, electric wipers, deluxe clock
-Original deluxe hubcaps w/spinners
-Radial wide whitewalls
-2-speed Powerglide-Power steering, power brakes, electric wipers, deluxe clock-Original deluxe hubcaps w/spinners-Radial wide whitewalls-2-speed Powerglide-Power steering, power brakes, electric wipers, deluxe clock-Original deluxe hubcaps w/spinners-Radial wide whitewalls

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My winning Peel Out at the 2011 Lone Star Classic Convention in Dallas

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