Friday, August 19, 2016

Wiring Diagrams for a 1957( no option except recirculating heater, 150 model)

Wiring Diagrams for a 1957

No Option Except recirculating Heater,

 150 Model

The following wiring diagrams were put together and made by DavidY and posted on I own the same model and year of car, therefore I had to save the diagrams for future reference and to share for those interested

"I've been working on my car's wiring for a while now and found the wiring diagrams easier to understand if they were broken down to separate systems. I have made up several diagrams which are specific to my 1957, no option except recirculating heater, 150 model. These drawings may or may not be the same as yours but they will at least be a guide to help you understand what controls what. They show the electrical connections between components, not necessarily the actual physical routes. Feel free to use or modify them as you will."

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