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Wacky Retirees Enjoying Neat Chevys, Hot rods, Engines & Stuff 

Dallas Area Classic Chevy Club has a great side group of club members that coordinate the WRENCHES program where members help members with their '55-'57 Chevy. Any DACC member can get assistance from fellow DACC members with a project with Tri Five Chevy.  Work sessions are on an 'as needed' basis, either at the car owner's garage or at a volunteer's garage with wrusually a lunch after the wrenching.

AND you don't have to be retired to participate as the title may sound. Club member Dennis Lind who we lost several years ago from cancer started this program and that was the only word he could think of for the 'R'!

Past projects have been Wiring problems, A/C problems and refrigerant recharge, front end rebuild, installing brake lines, dual master cylinder, body removal from the frame, color sanding,  disc brake conversion just to name a few.

WRENCHES is a great effort that helps clubs with do-it-yourself projects, when you need extra hands.  The WRENCHES is also a great bonding activity for the club as well as a way to pass on auto mechanic knowledge to other club mates. .

Possible Knowledge/Skills WRENCHES required to participate, but not limited to: 

Knowledge of What’s Correct on Tri-fives
Engine (early)
Engine (late)
Tune Ups
Fuel Injection (early)
Fuel Injection (late)
Convertible Top
Gauges & Instruments
Electrical System
Air Conditioning
Metal Body Work
Have Trailer Available
Drinking Coffee, Eating Donuts, Telling Stories

August on 2016 club members convergence again to tackle another project.  The project was a good effort by WRENCHES to replace the cracked windshield in Larry Rollow's '57. Don Andre, David Graves, Tom Entrekin, Bill Preston, Ed Giolma and of course Larry Rollow all pitched in and got the new glass in leaving Larry with a little fingerprint cleanup!

Photos of the event:

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