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The 2016 Dallas Area Classic Chevy Club 40th Anniversary Tri-Five Classic Chevy Show

The 2016  Dallas Area Classic Chevy Club 40th Anniversary Tri-Five Classic Chevy Show

  -By Alan Arnell
  -Photos by Alan Arnell and David Graves

There was a buzz in the air April 10, 2016 at Arapaho and Central in Richardson, Texas where the Dallas Area Classic Chevy Club (DACC) held its 40th Anniversary Celebration. Over 100 Classic Tri-Five Chevrolet Cars, Corvettes and Trucks were in attendance at the Spring Show.  I arrived a half hour before the 1:00 PM start time and I was the 79th car to arrive at  the show.  People were really excited and could not wait to start the show, the show was that good!

This year, in anticipation of a larger gathering of Tri-Fives for the DACC Annual Spring show the parking lot was expanded for the attending Classic Cars as well as for spectator parking. The Anniversary show is usually called the Spring Show and is held on a Saturday, but again, to ensure more parking for the show it was held on a Sunday when the event location’s new car dealership was closed.  Good thing, because there were only a few open spots left in the huge Reliable Chevrolet Dealership parking lot for show cars and spectator parking.  

Reliable Chevy Parking Layout 

The Anniversary show was not your typical classic car show where mainly only the car owners were at the show, as three times as many spectators attended the Anniversary show as there were car owners present.

The quality of the original and modified Tri-Five Chevys at the show was phenomenal as many of the cars would have scored 950 points or better if there had been judging.  This show was unique in that there was no voting or judging for car awards.  15 celebrities were invited (such as the mayor of Richardson, Texas-Paul Voelkur, Movie Star-Candy Clark and yours truly).  Each celebrity, using his or her own criteria, chose a favorite car for an award plaque, made by Chris Graves of  Chris was also on hand for show participants to have the opportunity of a photo shoot for a professional informational metal sign custom-made of their beloved Classic Chevy. Here is an example of Chris’s work.

As most of us car lovers understand, we know the cars in our club better than our fellow clubmates’ names.  To solve this problem all club members and guest participants were given name tags to prevent that awkward feeling of talking to a clubmate while not knowing their name.  The whole event was extremely pleasant, as the many car guys and gals were present talking about, of course, classic cars and other things not as important as cars.  The main focus of DACC is the Classic Tri-Five Chevy, but having many like-minded individuals all enjoying the same same thing is always a good thing during a club event. The usual car show people just sitting around and/or sleeping was just not happening, in part due to the great cars; Chevy Small Block Engine engine displays; TV film crews; a live rock band; and of course the food.  And let us not forget the door prizes.  Throughout the event DACC’s “DJ Dan” handed out several nice door prizes, such as a $100 gift card and Texas Ranger Baseball Tickets.

During the show Johnny Diamond and the Silver Hubcap Band played popular standards of the 50’ and early 60’s music hits.  They played “Hey Little Cobra” by the Rip Cords.  Even though the  song is about a FORD everyone at the Tri-Five Chevy Show enjoyed the song, the band, and their performance.

Free birthday cake was enjoyed by all in remembrance of DACC’s 40th Birthday.  But for a more substantial mid-day snack many attendees lined up to buy food at the food trucks brought in for the show.

The Car Guy TV Show’s production crew and show host - Kristin Treager were at the car show taping several DACC club member and their cars.  Candy Clark "Debbie" of American Graffiti fame not only made a personal appearance and autograph session, she also was interviewed for the Car Guy Show. The date of the show has not been scheduled, but check back, as I will update this blog post when showtimes are announced for the Car Guy Show segment about DACC’s 40th Anniversary! Or, you can check out the Car Guy Show’s web page at

Kristin Treager with the DACD Board (AKA) The Jalapeno

Candy Clark being Interviewed by The Car Guy Show Host-Kristin Treager

On display at the show were several of the first ever made small block Chevy engines (SBC) and the first engine made with the serial number 00001.  As many know GM engineer Zora Duntov was involved with the design of the famous SBC.  The engine was initially conceptualized as a world class engine for the Corvette.  The engine was such a revolutionary large-scale-production engine that the SBC was introduced in '55 for passenger cars.  The SBC engine design became the standard that other performance engines were measured by!  Also on display with the engines were several posters about the history of the SBC.

Too soon it seemed, the 3 hour DACC 40th Anniversary Spring Show was over and it was time to go home.

I have to give a big thanks to all the club members that helped out to produce one of the greatest DACC events since the Lone Star 29 Classic Chevy Convention held by DACC in 2011.  A big special thanks to David Graves for project managing the event.  Another, special thanks to Reliable Chevrolet for their help and being such a great club sponsor.  This show will be remembered for years to come in the North Texas Car Show and Tri-Five Chevy world.

DACC 40th Anniversary Show Gallery

The Bands Music Caused Spontaneous Dancing

Candy Clark


Candy Clark Being Interviewed by The Car Guy Show Host-Kristin Treager

The Car Guy Show Host-Kristin Treager


DJ Dan the Man

John Diamond and his band

My Old Heap

Two Door Sedan
Not a Bel Air

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