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Dallas Area Classic Chevy Club’s Garage Crawl

Dallas Area Classic Chevy Club’s Garage Crawl

  -Alan Arnell

Sixteen classic Tri-Five Chevrolets of the Dallas Area Classic Chevy Club met in Grand Prairie to participate in the the second annual Garage Crawl.  The usual 55, 56, 57 Bel Airs and 210s where there, but what was unique for the gathering was the grouping of six of the most rare of the Tri-Five Chevys.  Those six cars were the always popular, Bel Air Nomad. One convertible was in the mix, however the driver kept the top up due to the 45 degree, yet cloudless sky.

After greetings and salutations the group of 30 members toured the first garage of Marvin Cowdin. Marvin has a two stall workshop for his red 55 Chevy.  The garage is unique, because it has a double garage door on one side and a single garage door on the opposite side, that permits access to his bass-fishing boat stored in a carport behind the shed.  The tandem doors allow Marvin use space behind the garage for his boat that otherwise would not be accessible.

For the tech portion of the Garage Crawl, Marvin showed club members how to remove the alcohol that is in DFW pump gas.  As most of you know, the alcohol in gas is bad for your gas-engine tools such as lawn mowers, chain saws, weed wackers, etc.  The system Marvin has copied uses a racing fuel container, rubber hose, a brass inline butterfly valve, and the necessary connections.

To remove the alcohol from gas Marvin poured water into the gas.  The gas in DFW has 10 percent alcohol which is 14 fluid ounces.  To properly remove the alcohol from the gas you use the same amount of water as there is alcohol, so 14 fluid ounces of water.  The alcohol will chemically connect with the water and since water is heavier than gas the water/alcohol mix settles down into the clear hose to be drained off producing alcohol free gas.

After enjoying Marvin’s garage, DACC members made a caravan drive to John Rogers’ garage.

John has a three stall garage that houses his 56 Belair Nomad, Corvette and full race Nova. I forgot to ask, but  I assume John and his family’s late model Mustangs must have to sit outside.

The highlights of John’s garage was a start up of his open header 427 cubic inch Nova, viewing his son’s Dr. Pepper collection, and other unique collections.

While at the garage, members snacked on water, soft drinks, cookies and cheese cubes. As members left John’s garage everyone commented that all the parked Tri-Fives lined up on the street looked like a photo from the late 50’s, except that all the cars were triple chromed and had custom paint jobs.

The group made a ten mile ride to the next garage of Andy Salinas.  Andy has a  2 stall garage filled with his 56 Chevy Bel Air, tools, theater seats and two 50’s diner booths with all the trimmings.  In addition to his garage he has a side room decked out as a 50’s dinner with pinball machine and jukebox.  His 50’s memorabilia is off the charts, and even goes one step further with several mannequins dressed in 50’s garb.

After everyone jammed to the super collection of 50’s records, played pinball and absorbed the great 50’s era nicknacks, Andy served a complete Texas barbeque of baby back ribs, brisket, chicken, beans, corn and potato salad topped with award winning BBQ sauce.   

The meal was so fulfilling that the group loosened their belts a notch or two, sat outside enjoying the beautiful Texas sunny March weather and great fellowship until it was time to go home.

Dallas Area Classic Chevy Club Garage Crawl Photo Gallery

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