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Plastic Model to the Real Thing and NOW Back to a Model

Plastic Model to the Real Thing and NOW Back to a Plastic Model My Life’s Journey with the love of a 1957 Chevys

  -Alan Arnell

How many of you have stayed true to what you liked and wanted since you were a young whippersnapper?  I have liked many things and done many hobbies during my life, however I seem to always gravitate back to my first love of machinery.  I have been car crazy for 1957 Chevys for as long as I can remember.  Here is a link to a post I have written earlier expressing  this obsession for Tri Five Chevrolets.

At eight years old I wanted to have a hot rod ‘57 Chevy.  Being only 8 years old I did not have a job to buy and hot rod my own ‘57.   I did the next best thing that an 8 year old can accomplish.  I made a plastic model car of my ‘57 making it look the way it would if I were to have one.

I still have the model 50 years later.  Here is a photo of that model that was taken by me for an article I wrote for Classic Chevy Classics Magazine, September 2007, p54. My model is pictured at the top of the fold.
Here is a closeup photo of my pride and joy model.

I told you that as a back story to express the real point of the post.  

I had bought my dream Classic Chevy in 2000.  It was candy apple red with flames on the hood and of course it was a ‘57 Chevy. (See avitar) After 40 years my real car’s paint is getting shabby.  I need to take the next step of my restoration and give the ‘57 a new paint job.  But, what color?  Well!  Why not stay true to my 8 year old dream?   Let’s make it yellow!

I wanted to see what my real car would look like if it were repainted.  To get a good visualization, I decided to make a new model car of my hearts desire.  After a 10 year absence from  the model making hobby, I got out my paint brushes and bought new glue and paint.  

All I could find at Hobby Lobby were Bel Air Hardtop 1957 models.   I wanted a 150 model Sedan (Post).  I had made a model of my present real ‘57 - 15 years ago.  To make the model look like a 150, I sand papered the diamonds off of the rear quarter panel.  For a depiction of the paint divider and side trim I  just painted it all on the sides of the model,  Still even after that custom modification it was still not a hard top.  That was okay, but not all that cool in my mind's eye!  

My candy apple red model:
1Hell bitch model.jpg

So, for my present model kit I went to EvilBay and found a model for sale of a 150 Black Widow Stock Car.  I bought the model and painted it in the color I would like to chose for my real car.  

My new Model is entitled, “The Hell Bitch Reincarnated”2Hell bitch new model.jpg

As things change the more the remain the same!

My Tri Five section of my model car collection.

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