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Classic Car Garage Art with Other Man Cave Worthless Objects and Ornaments.

Classic Car Garage Art with Other Man Cave Worthless Objects and Ornaments.

  -Alan Arnell

To say that there is several ways one could go about defining art would be an understatement. One man’s art is another man’s junk.  This fact is never more apparent than when it comes to Garage Art!  

I like art and I like the alternative art form called Garage Art or as my mom would say knick knacks. In my garage sits a non-Belair, 1957 Chevrolet, Model 150, 2-Door Sedan, with painted flames over candy-apple-red polished paint.  But, just having the ‘57 there alone would just not be any fun.  I have decorated my working-man’s garage with auto related art, posters and knick knacks. Many of my art pieces are repurposed, what some would say, junk.
“Yep, a guy needs room for his "Knick Knacks," wrote the Jalopy Joker.

My Garage Art
Art is an important part of the human condition.  What started us, as we know us, was when the caveman drew a picture of a deer on the wall of his cave dwelling.  Why did he do it?  Because it was cool, it made him happy and he could enjoy it over and over again.  Maybe,  his cave mates gave him positive reinforcement for his drawings and he kept drawing.  The next caveman might have said, “I like that. I can do that and I can do it better!”  Bam! Civilization started. Art plays a big part in making our lives infinitely richer and makes us human.
Modern Art is funny.  Why is a Picasso worth $100 million.  I made the copy shown above with house paint like Picasso had done with his original painting for less than $10.  I saw the original of my reproduction Picasso painting in the Museum of Art in Chicago, Illinois and it was no better or worse than the painting I made and now hang in my house.

Think now, what would the world be like without art.  I’m not talking about what you see in a museum, I am talking about what you have done to your house or garage to take the space from plain-ho hum to a pleasant area for you to be and enjoy.  Art is important to everyone.  For example, Would teenagers play video games that had no graphics?  Just saying.
Part of My Plastic Model Car Collection

Art invigorates different parts of our brains to make us happy, sad, angry and a creates a whole range of emotions in between. Art allows us a way to be unique, creative and to reveal ourselves. For some people, art is the entire reason they get out of bed in the morning. You could say "Art is something that makes us more thoughtful and well-rounded humans." And, you have to admit that vintage Tri-Five Chevys are art.
License plate collection

Have you considered that your auto collections both big and small is art?  Well it is.  If you are a car guy, the car as an object, is is our candy.  The automobile jandra is just such a large part of our everyday lives that we may hardly even stop to think about it or that it is even art.
The functions of art normally falls within the categories of personal, social or physical functions. These categories can, and (often) do, overlap in any given piece of art.
The physical functions of art are most easily dealt with. Works of art that are created to perform some service have physical functions.
If you see a Fijian war club you may assume that, however wonderful the craftsmanship maybe, it was created to perform the physical function of smashing skulls.
A Japanese raku bowl is art that performs a physical function in the tea ceremony. Conversely, a fur-covered teacup from the Dada movement has no physical function.
Architecture, any of the crafts and industrial design are all types of art that have physical functions.
Art has social functions when it addresses aspects of (collective) life, as opposed to one person's point of view or experience.
For example, public art in 1930s Germany had an overwhelming symbolic theme. Did this art exert influence on the German population? Decidedly so. As did political and patriotic posters in Allied countries during the same time.  -AboutCom.

Art is personal and can only be defined by each individual.  Why does one guy like a certain art type and the next wants to vomit is extremely difficult to explain and to even to make sense. Besides automotive art, there is a multitude of arts forms and that art form’s impact varies from person to person.
Tri-Five Pencile Drawing
Custom Tri-Five Pencil Drawing 

pablo picasso the lovers painting
I love my Pablo Picasso the Lovers Print
Why do we display our garage art and knick knacks?  Maybe we do so to fulfill a need for self-expression, or gratification. My garage art gives me considerable gratification.  I like to just set in my garage on a nice spring day, have a glass of ice tea and look at my garage art alternately with taking in the great outside the garage door world.  I can not go into the house after I have parked my car without giving the ‘57 a pet on it's headlight eyebrow.  What type of deep rooted psychological problem does that convey?

What does my garage art communicate?  That cars are cool.  I like having auto things. I like driving and working on cars.  That is what I want the viewer of my garage art to understand.  My garage art is definitely a means to provide an aesthetic experience, both for myself and others. On the other hand, my garage art is placed in the garage mostly to entertain myself.  If others

Shelf Knick Nacks.  The 24 Hour Clock Collected from a PBM Sea Plane by my Father in WWII, I made the Working Cannon in Metal Shop, Found Horse Shoe in at the Family Farm in Missouri & 57 Chevy is a Radio.

like it great.  If other do not, well that is his or her loss. My garage art in its own way conveys meaning of my hobby and the message that I enjoy the Classic Chevy Experience.  Sometimes, I just like to look at the cannon I made in metal shop.  My art also is there to evoke pleasant memories.   It makes me happy!. Don’t you want me to be happy?
My Father's Shriner's hat, a P-38 made out of Japanese WWII Ordnance,

I believe my garage art is therapeutic - for both me and for you the viewer.
So what is the nitty gritty about garage art?  It is about the personal feelings associated with the garage art or knick knacks.  Yours or others garage art is just there to make all of happy. Even the curator of the Louvre Museum in Paris, France will tell you, that art itself should create feelings for the art’s creator and viewer.  Garage art should be bought, found, and made then placed on display in a well chosen-cherished spot close to your heart.

P.s. I like reproduction vintage signs.  Here is a cool site to look at this art form.

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