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Part 2 - Recipe For A Successful Car Club

   -Alan Arnell 

To read part 1 here is a LINK

The best clubs out there are the ones that have people who are passionate about the club's focus and plan of action.  With all clubs and especially a car club you want to share the joy of owning, in this case a Classic Chevy, and,  the experiences that go with that ownership.   I believe members in a car club wish to learn more about their hobby.  A club should help them expand their knowledge, thus enjoyment. 

The best rule to remember about creating and keeping passion within a club is simply, "Keep it Fun."  In all
aspects of communication the communicator's passion should not be held back.  On the contrary the communicator should put the peddle to the metal to emphasized his or her passion for the hobby. People join clubs because they think it can add value to the experience of their hobby.  The majority of club members stick around if the feel that the club and its leadership are positive and uplifting, that listen, answer questions, share knowledge and are open to others getting involved. 

Flexibility is the key.  As a club, don’t fear something new.  You will learn as much from what does not work as from what works.  The club leadership should welcome new ideas and especially from less seasoned members.   

Leaders and non leader alike must do what is necessary to ensure to keep stomp out negative politics, infighting, and  lacking of leadership.  DACC's 40 year experience teachers, that it is best to plan club activities that involve the whole club.  Club members getting in to sub groups or clicks is not good for the health of the club.  Stay to your main focus of the group instead of branching off.  For example, DACC's plan of action is focused on the cars and activities with the cars.  We stay away from bowling or horse shoes. We concentrate on car shows, cruses, garage tours, tech seminars, conventions and a single (end of the year) dinner/party, 

 We limit our giving back to the community to one time a year.  We found many members who are into giving back projects already are committed to causes that do that full time, therefore limiting their time for the our club activities if the same type.  People who don't give back, well don't.  What I'm saying if that activity is over done you will have low attendance.  Low attendance, BAD!

All-in-all the kiss of death for a club is "drama" within the membership.  Members do not want that in their lives.  Drama will kill your club, push away members and the especially ones who really want to get involved with club planning and implantation for participation. 

If you have ever seen the move "Never Ben Kissed" starring Drew Barrymore, Jessica Alba and David Arquette you will understand promotion.  The movie synopsis is that Drew's character is a young nerdy reporter who goes back incognito to high school .  She learns from the David Arquette character that the best way to become popular is to have someone popular telling everyone you are popular.  If you think about it, is that not the essence of advertising.  "I'm not a Doctor, but I play one on TV" this because I'm so cool, good looking and above all famous!  Well, the masses when hearing that pitch just go right out and buy the item with their hard earned money.

That being said, you have to let potential members know that you exist.  Doing so is so much easier in the 21st century with the Internet and social media.  But, it's like how to increase you odds for winning the lottery, you have to buy a ticket. Tweet:  it's like how to increase you odds for winning the lottery, you have to buy a ticket.  DACC promotes its self through the web, newspapers , TV and an Tri-Five 'only' car show partnered with our sponsor Reliable Reliable Chevrolet of Richardson Texas.  ( Be sure to check back to my blog to find out about our new Spring Show.  Here is a link to DACC's 2015 Spring Show.  LINK  We also set up a Membership Table that is maned with club members , that like to talk, through the whole show and display our cars at the Dallas AutoRama.  That is how I became a member. 

Ideas form Dan Ehrmann:+ 
  • Use local news papers event sections 
  • Ask Radio and TV stations to cover publicized events 
  • Inform local reporters of a guest speakers, events, etc. 
  • Get listed on local web sites  
  • Have the club listed on local emailing lists/blogs 
  • Submit articles about the club everywhere 
  • Have local merchants post brochures , flyers or newsletters 
  • Sign up local merchants to provide discounts to club members and promote the discount 
  • Participate in local community exhibits and shows and staff a table with brochures and newsletters 
  • Last but not least, create and maintain a club Web page, FaceBook, etc.. post articles, event reports and  photos   

The club's media sites should make accessible:+  LINK TO DACC's WEB PAGE
  • Basic club information 
  • Benefits of joining 
  • Membership application  
  • Board and club officers lists 
  • Contact information 
  • Club policies 
  • Member interests 
  • Member bios and photos 
  • Events calendars with details of when, what and where 
  • Back issues of the newsletter EXAMPLE LINK
  • Other documents or media to be downloaded 
  • Event photos of the cars and of member's having fun 
  • Other photos 
  • Technical information 
  • Links to related sites 
  • Sponsors 
  • Discussion forms 
  • Buy/sell/trade lists 
  • Job postings. 
In addition to this list, DACC gives club business cards to its members to give out to potential members and sponsors. 

A club or organization is a very fluid breathing animal.  It is a work in progress, that left unattended will wither and fail.  My blog is of course not an absolute how to guide.   But keeping in mind the people in the club, promoting passionate leadership and membership, promote, promote and promote again and never loose sight of club's main focus and plan of action. 

Remember!  The world is run by people who show up and do the work! 

+Ehrmann, Dan. ""Building Strong Clubs"" PsycEXTRA Dataset (208): n. pag.Http:// Club Express, 2008. Web. 2015. 

*Felix K. Maritim, University of Texas at El Paso, Felix K. "Reasons Why Students and Individuals Do Not Volunteer: Analysis of the Survey." Reasons Why Students and Individuals Do Not Volunteer: Analysis of the Survey Felix K. Maritim University of Texas at El Paso (n.d.): n. pagHttp:// Web. 2015. 

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