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Part 2-- Classic Air Perfect Fit Air Conditioner Install

Part 2
Classic Air Perfect Fit Air Conditioner Install
Retrofit A/C "Hillbilly How To"
Reflections of My Experiences of Installing A/C in My Classic Tri-Five 1957 Chevy
 -Alan Arnell

17. For the nonstandard heater only - Disconnect the passenger side vent cable under the dash. Let cable lay on the floor, keep hardware
18. Behind the glove box remove said cable and discard the hardware
19. disconnect the plug on top of the heater box
20. Under the hood on the fire wall remove the heater blower motor, discard the parts and cut the wires
21. Remove the panel brackets and keep, remove and discard the panel
22. Remove original control assemble
23. Remove and keep hardware Note: Label the power wire

The old defroster fan switch
Now we can start on putting in your new unit
1. Install the firewall block off plate where the heater core was using the original clips
2. Put you new evaporator and wire harness on a bench, using the CAA supplied wire diagram (link to CAA diagram). This requires some thinking. The multi plug connector plugs in on top of the evaporator with the other going to the original fan switch, the switch with the curved "L" in the drawing, that the "L" thingy is depicting a spring is located on the driver side of the middle vent and controls the damper for the vent. The pressure switch is up in front of the radiator on the refrigerant dryer and the clutch of course is on the front of the compressor
CAA wiring diagram 1957 Chevy
3. With the evaporator on the passenger side floor of your car run the blue wire from the thermostat through the hole in the block off plate to be used under the hood later.
4. Now the really good fun begins. Raise the evaporator into position with all fittings and tubes passing through the block off plate and attach using the flange nuts. This is a two man job. One person to lift into place and the other to pull the evaporator in place without damaging anything and to attach the flange nuts all while the other person holds the evaporator. Your first several tries you will swear the evaporator does not fit under the dash. This happened to me and my friend Larry. However, It does fit. You just have to hold your mouth right and twist and turn the evaporator into place without to much custom bending of the parts sticking out of the block off plate.
The old fresh air vent under the dash
5. Attach the nuts with "O" rings from the engine side. (keeps moisture out of the system during construction.)
6. Attach the blower motor support bracket inside the car.
7. Install the kick panel vent knob (I didn't do that)
8. If you are like me I had to go to the store to buy an 11/16" drill
9. Drill a 11/16" hole in the fire wall under the evaporator around 3" lower than the drain nipple. Connect the plastic train tube. (I recommend using a zip tie or a clamp on the nipple to the tube connection. After 7 or eight years of use, I accidently pulled my tube off while working under the car.
10. Using the longest cable supplied, pass the cable from the passenger area though the block off plate into the engine bay. You will come back to the cable later.
11. Now connect the next longest cable to the defrost lever in back of the evaporator. It screws in place. Note: Hook the cable to the third hole from the center.
The pre-wire harness
12. Take the shortest control cable and attach it to the heat door, again in the third hole.
13. Make the center duct assembly ready and the control cable that connects to the defrost /face door.
14. Put the cable between the evaporator and the firewall.
Blower fan connections
15. Attach the center duct to the evaporator and aligned correctly then screw it!
16. Connect the blue wires from the micro switch to wire harness.
17. Put on the center louver.
18. Find the ground wire above the blower and screw it to the metal body of the car. (The under side of dash board works well, It is also used for the ground to all the dash board lights.)
19. Remove the ball assembly from the two housings. Screw the bare housing in place.

The damper thingey

New CAA heater switch installed on control

The Evaporator fiit and here is proof

Side vent bracket

Side vents installed and hosed up

Center vent installed

How I mounted my oil pressure gauge

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